Rubber VS Epoxy


Rubber flooring has long been used in commercial settings such as retail, hospitals and kitchens.  While rubber floors were innovative at the time, the new technology is epoxy coated floors.  Unlikerubber flooring, our epoxy coating is specially formulated to withstand the weather conditions in the Great Lakes Region.  While harsh temperature changes and other weather conditions will cause rubber flooring and other traditional materials to fail over time, normal wear and tear will also take their toll.

Rubber flooring is very expensive to install, then difficult to maintain.  Acidic cleaners and solvents can cause damage to rubber floors.  Rubber floors are also susceptible to scratching which creates an environment for bacterial growth and unsanitary conditions.  Our epoxy floor systems are extremely scratch resistant and can be cleaned with a simple solution of water and vinegar.

If you are considering rubber flooring,   you should contact us at Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes to learn more about the epoxy floor difference.  View the chart below for an easy comparison of rubber floors and epoxy floor covering systems.

Rubber Flooring

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes
Epoxy Coated Floors

  • Rubber flooring is difficult to maintain, requiring sweeping, mopping and vacuuming at least twice a week.
  • Our top coat creates an extremely low maintenance flooring system.
  • Cleaning products that contain acidic solvents, colored cleaning pads and steel wool can stain and damage rubber floors.
  • Our floor covering systems can be cleaned using a simple solution of water mixed with vinegar and applied with a mop or squeegee.
  • Pets can scratch rubber floors and dropping knives or dishes can scratch them too.
  • Our floor systems are extremely scratch resistant.
  • The initial cost of rubber floors is very expensive.
  • We have floor systems that will fit any budget.
  • Not UV protected meaning sunlight may create fading.
  • All of our flooring systems can be UV protected. We can also UV protect rubber flooring with a UV stable clear coat.

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If you are considering rubber flooring, call us or visit our showroom to see for yourself how beautiful, practical and economical or epoxy floor systems compare!