Epoxy Floor Installation Toledo OH

Welcome to Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes, an epoxy flooring company providing top-tier epoxy floor installation services in Toledo, OH. Our team of epoxy flooring specialists is here to transform your property with our wide variety of coating system colors and categories of epoxy flooring, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. We are a professional epoxy flooring contractor with the experience and expertise needed to deliver long-lasting quality for your garage, commercial, or industrial space.

Superior Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Commercial Space in Ohio

Our commercial epoxy flooring is a popular choice among Ohio businesses like warehouses, offices, and other commercial spaces seeking durable chemical resistance and a beautiful epoxy finish. With a special epoxy coating process, our proprietary epoxy resin forms a durable chemical bond that stands up to chemical spills and harsh chemicals while providing low-maintenance epoxy floor cleaning for the long term. Our team of epoxy floor installers at Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes is dedicated to offering seamless epoxy installations that provide both aesthetic and functional value.

Benefits of Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions:

  • Durability: High resistance to harsh chemicals and spills
  • Aesthetics: A beautiful, glossy epoxy finish in a variety of colors
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain
  • Customization: Decorative chip colors and various coating system colors
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Epoxy Garage Floor Coating: Quality Garage Floor Coatings for Our Customers

Our garage floor coating services include high-quality epoxy garage floor coating to meet the specific needs of people looking for storage solutions and protection for their garages. Our metallic 3-D, glasslike epoxy flooring, available in a variety of colors, is known for its durable, long-lasting qualities and chemical resistance.

Northwest Ohio & Toledo: Epoxy Floor Coatings That Transform Your Space

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes serves Northwest Ohio & Toledo with epoxy coatings that completely transform any space. Whether you’re looking for an epoxy repair compound to refresh an older surface or a professional epoxy flooring contractor for a new epoxy flooring project, we ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction. Our epoxy flooring services provide a wide variety of color options for both commercial and residential customers.

Enhance Durability with Concrete Sealing and Polishing Services in Northwest Ohio

In addition to epoxy installations, we also offer concrete sealing and faux polished concrete services that enhance the durability and look of your concrete floors. Our flooring professionals are skilled in creating stunning faux polished concrete finishes that not only provide resistance to harsh chemicals and spills but also reduce epoxy flooring costs over time.

Storage room with high gloss mica-infused full flake epoxy flooring.

Extend the Lifetime of Your Flooring with Quality Concrete Sealing

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes understands the importance of protecting your investment. That’s why our installation team also offers sealing and staining coating systems to extend the lifetime of your concrete, brick, pavers and exposed aggregate. Our sealing and staining systems offer a protective layer to prevent damage and ensure a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Faux Polished Concrete: The Perfect Blend of Aesthetic and Functionality

Our faux polished concrete coating systems, called the Artisan Collection, are a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality, offering a highly polished surface that reflects light beautifully. With our expert faux polished concrete installations, we help businesses and homeowners achieve a professional look that reduces maintenance needs while maximizing chemical resistance. As an expert epoxy flooring contractor, we create satisfied customers who value the entire experience we offer.

Red sports car on a gray, full flake mica-infused epoxy polyaspartic garage floor coating.