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Load & Stow

Love the idea of having your new floor installed, but hate the challenging thought of having to figure out where to store your belongings? Worry no more! Let our team take the weight off your chest with our Load & Stow Service!

Take advantage of this service that will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your new floor without breaking a sweat.

  • We will move your items out of your space on Day 1 of your floor installation (unless arranged otherwise).
  • Your belongings will be carefully placed in our secured storage trailers.
  • Become amazed at the transformation that will take place before your eyes!
  • Once installation is complete & the floor is safe to walk on, we will remove your items from the storage trailer and return them where they were found.

Our storage-assistance services also include the option to have a storage trailer delivered to your home days prior to installation. Please contact our office for more information.

Complete Garage Design

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes commenced business with the goal to create a garage lifestyle for its customers, and has since branched off into Distinctive Designs Storage Solutions. This lifestyle encompasses high-end epoxy flooring paired with custom storage solutions tailored to each individual. Our talented designers can provide the transformation your garage has desperately needed, along with storage concepts in many other parts of the home. For more information on storage solutions throughout your home please visit:



What Makes Us Different?

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Extensive showroom displaying our custom-capabilities in their true state
  • We use only the highest grade, best quailty floor surface products in the industry which are propriety and manufactured exclusively for us by
  • Storage programs at your convenience


  • Easy to clean. No harsh chemicals needed
  • Resistant to water, UV, chemicals, oils, and stains – even in industrial zones and warehouses
  • Anti-skid aggregate available
  • Wide variety of colors and decorative chip colors
  • Attractive gloss finish with solid colors or decorative patterns available
  • Lifetime warranties available
  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Heavy duty hardware
  • Thermally-fused laminate
  • 1″ thick shelving
  • Murphy bed or “wall-bed”
  • Lifetime warranties on residential cabinets
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Industrial Strength Epoxy Flooring
Slatwall, Accessories & More
Modular & Custom Garage Cabinets
With numerous flooring systems we can do garages, basements, patios, kitchens, car dealerships, warehouses, factories, of-ice space, locker rooms, bathrooms, and more!
With a wide variety of accessories we can transform any space into a functional and organized area.
Organization doesn’t end in the garage. We also have solutions for closets, pantries, laundry rooms, guest rooms, home offices, entertainment rooms, craft rooms and more! They are also guaranteed for LIFE.

The Garage Floor Coating Legacy

In our organization, every employee takes great pride in the execution of high quality work each and every day. From our receptionists to our sales and installations teams, everyone is courteous and very knowledgeable about our garage floor coating products and services. You will not find a better group of employees dedicated to making your project a great experience.

The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings – The Great Lakes

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes is a family-owned and operated business. Our clients and associates are important to us and often are regarded as an extension of our family. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with many businesses throughout the Great Lakes region. Our pricing is competitive. Above all, the quality of our workmanship is unsurpassed.

What is so innovative about our Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes, founded in 2008, is an independent, privately owned dealership of In 1996, revolutionized the garage floor coating industry by developing and perfecting an innovative coating process that has set a new industry standard. This innovative technique remains the benchmark of the garage floor coating industry and has raised the bar to a new level by which all other garage floor coating companies are measured.

A Huge Variety of Options

At Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes. our garage floor coatings are offered in a host of colors, styles and pricing options. From simple solid and partial flake epoxy flooring to sparkling full-flake mineral-mica and glass-like metallics. We’ll take your gray, stained slab of ugly concrete and make it a beautiful extension of your home.

What are the Benefits?

What makes professionally installed epoxy flooring a great option? Besides the beauty, garage floor coatings provide many added benefits. Epoxy-coated garages are moisture resistant and crazy durable, resisting impacts, chipping and scratching. They also provide extreme chemical and stain resistance. Oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, road salt, dust, grime and other chemicals can be wiped up quickly and easily. Because of this, epoxy flooring is very low maintenance!

What’s the Cost?

Don’t worry, we have that covered. Because our variety of garage floor coating options is near endless, how much you spend is up to you. Costs range from a few dollars a square foot for our simplest coating systems to the more expensive mica mineral or show-stopping metallic systems. Determine what you want, versus what you’re willing to pay.


Are you worried about slippage? Don’t be. We incorporate aggregate into the final coat of all of our garage flooring. We call these slip-resistant aggregates “anti-skid” because they provide a roughness to the floor. More importantly, we can adjust the type of anti-skid used within your garage floor coating to reflect your level of concern. There are multiple anti-skid options, from the least aggressive (and least visible) polypropylene spheres, to the more “aggressive” (and more visible) quartz and aluminum oxide.

We Coat More than Just Garages

Garages are now America’s new front door! And we promise our floor coatings will turn your garage into the talk of the neighborhood. Our stunning mineral mica epoxy flooring…Earth Effects, Bagari SE and Vintage Mica…use our one-of-a-kind mica mineral blends. This epoxy flooring sparkles, amplifying the light in your garage. But we coat far more than garages! We install our epoxy systems on exterior patios, walkways and driveways. And inside too, in kitchens, basements and office spaces.  We coat huge warehouses, restaurants, parking garages and airplane hangars. Winter, spring,  summer and fall…residential, retail and commercial! Any time, any space.

A Solution for Damaged Concrete

Our garage floor coatings are also used to conceal minor and major concrete imperfections such as surface cracks, efflorescence, pitting and breaks. Once applied, these low- to no-VOC systems provide anti-dust properties as well and are the easiest coatings to keep clean. (Most dust originates from the cement floor itself! It then gets circulated and tracked throughout your home or work space).

Just Call Us and Relax

Just choose your preferred garage floor coating and we’ll handle the rest. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and the highest quality service possible. Beginning with design and throughout installation, we guarantee a worry-free process. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your newly transformed garage.

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to discuss our installation process. We want you to be another valued and irreplaceable customer!