Do-It Yourself Epoxy

One of the most common questions we face is, “why should we select your product over a DIY Epoxy Kit?”, and it is a question we love to answer.

To give a little background information: Do-It-Yourself epoxy kits, available online or at any local hardware store, are designed to permit a homeowner to freshen up their garage floor at an inexpensive price. These products have an extended pot life, giving the applicator more time to apply the coating without it beginning to set-up during the application. As per their advertisements, DIY epoxy kits are well-priced and user-friendly.

What is the downside, you might ask? In the wise-words of your grandfather, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.”

Let us explain why:

Low Percentage Solids

One of the major disadvantages of a DIY epoxy kit is that they possess low-percentage solids. When epoxy coatings are applied, two thickness measurements are taken of the paint thickness; once before it has dried (wet film thickness/WFT) and again after it has dried (dry film thickness/DFT).

The percentage solids reference the percentage of paint thickness that remains after the paint has dried, i.e. the difference between the WFT and DFT. As to be expected, a percentage of the solid is lost during this process. However, when you start with a low-percentage epoxy your final product is a thin epoxy.

In contrast to what Hollywood might say, thin is not always the goal. A thin epoxy is going to give you trouble – sooner rather than later – often delaminating (peeling/flaking) within one year of application.

In this, you find our first response: we use a high-grade, 100%-solids industrial epoxy. 100% solids epoxies maintain the same level of thickness between the time they are applied and the time they have dried.

Too Many Intricacies!  

The second disadvantage of a DIY kit is the hidden complexity of the installation. There are a multitude of steps, precautions, required equipment, and necessary materials – not to mention hard labor.  A quick read through the instructions will instruct one to Wear NIOSH approved respirators, Test for and remove the existing sealer or paint, Assess moisture content, Repair damaged concrete, Remove oil spots with a scrub brush and degreaser, Prepare the concrete by etching the floor using citric acid….. all before the labor of installation ever begins!

This is where we make things easy: we have the equipment, the knowledge, the manpower, and the materials to do the job right.

The Wrap

We all want to get the most bang for our buck, but we find that the best deal comes from the longevity of our products. When installed in a residential setting, our full-broadcast epoxy flooring carries a lifetime warranty. The superior quality of our product and installation leaves you with a product you can enjoy forever.

As with a good pair of shoes, the cost-per-wear ratio rings true with epoxy flooring as well. The initial investment may seem high, but when your floor continues to look fresh a decade or more later that price starts to feel like quite the deal!